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Artists Helping Japan

Some of the most amazing artists (and some of my personal favorites) are doing their part to help Japan by donating some of their amazing art to help benefit all those who have suffered in Japan for the last month. Now it’s your turn to do your part and bid on some of these amazing […]

Murakami Versailles

Japan and France – two of the powerhouses of art and all things beautiful. The two have joined forces creating an amazing art spectacle at Le Château de Versailles, the most sophisticated palace and symbol of classical art in France, if not the world. World-famous Japanese contemporary pop artist Takashi Murakami was invited by the palace to display […]

Skateboard Art

I am slowly but surely learning to like and even love in some respects, found art or reclaimed art as I’m going to call it, you know since I’m such an art connoisseur. Haroshi, is a Japanese artist with a real knack for building amazing sculptures out of old skateboards. “His creations are born through […]

Japan Has Amazing Vending Machines

And it makes me want to move there and use them for everything!!! This one is for fresh produce. Cup of Noodles. Do you think they give you the boiling water too? Beer Vending Machine, good for ever time. How great would this be when the grocery store is closed? Your camera dies, and you […]

Samurai Maid

Once thought to be a passing fad, the maid cafe has actually become somewhat of a cultural mainstay in Japan, deeply rooted in its media and fetish culture. From the sexually suggestive french maid fantasy featured in anime to the nurturing maid that will also administer reflexology, the role of the maid seems to be […]


Select works from Japan-based digital artist / graphic designer MARUMIYAN. via

Facet Design Trend -PDF

The creative hub, Everyone is an Art Director, a website sharing art and design for all, recently launched its first trend publication—a 217-page visual study on Facet Design and its widespread use in contemporary design. The PDF—free for download—serves as a digital inspiration board, featuring an array of stellar examples of this visually-arresting design theory. […]

Sticker Art

Street art comes in all different forms. Here is some pretty fun sticker graffiti from around Japan.

Shohei Otomo

Selected works from badass illustrator, Shohei. A mix of Japanese tradition and modern style, Shohei Otomo’s manga illustrations are quite amazing. It’s nice to see illustrations that are so technically well done and executed without the safety net of a computer. Source