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Sophie Madeleine

She’s adorable. She’s got a killer voice. She plays a ukulele, and she makes some pretty rad videos of her and her friends making music. Singing from everything from how she’s stalked you on Facebook to covering some pretty amazing break up songs. Sophie Madeleine should definitely be a name to watch for!

Double Rainbow Autotune Remix!

So a couple weeks ago I posted the amazingly funny Double Rainbow youtube video. Remember? Well some uber talented folks decided to remix this video with that funny thing called auto tune! Too funny and catchy!! I warn you now, you will be singing this song ALL DAY LONG!

Scary goats scaring goats

This is cruel, but funny….but cruel! Man….I just can’t decide. hahah ok I think it’s funny.

Double Rainbow

I wish we all could get this excited over nature…Well maybe NOT THIS EXCITED, but hey I’m sure mother nature was very flattered by his response hah. =]

Best cry EVER plus auto-tune

Bored and looking for something to entertain you? Wellllll I think this video is just perfect! Check out this mans awesome cry, too funny…But it gets better! Someone took it upon themselves to made an auto-tuned remix! Toooo funny! Original: Now the Auto-Tuned remix:

OMG cat, it’s Friday!

Happy Friday! Today calls for another funny cat video, because you can never post enough funny cat videos on the Metropark blog =] hahah. Here’s the OMG cat just for you lovely Metropark blog readers.

Whatever You Like

This Whatever You Like cover by Anya Marina is the best thing I’ve heard in a while! Its such an odd/weird but in the end awesome blend of a soft female voice with sexually aggressive lyrics. I wouldn’t say I am a T.I fan or even a fan of the songs lyrics, but she has […]

Whoahh Doggg

This dogs really into his metal music…I don’t know whether to be creeped out by the dog, fascinated, or just plain entertained. Happy Metal Wednesday.

Confused Lamb

I can’t decide if this video is the funniest thing I have ever seen or just the cutest hahah. I want to know why these people have a lamb in their house! Not just the fact that I think it is weird to have a lamb in your house, but man…I wonder what those hooves […]

Kitteh Roulette

Another cat post??? YES OF COURSE! I was recently told to try out chat roulette….annnnd I highly regret that (If you’ve seen the episode of south park you should know what I mean) Anyways, some genious decided to copy the idea of chat roulette (in a way) and make a cat version called Kitteh Roulette! […]