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Guitar Picks

Having a dinner party for all your rock and roll friends? You will surely need these far too cleaver picks! I came across these the other day and couldn’t resist the buy. I really don’t know when I would have a use for them, but sometimes things are just too funny and cool to pass […]

Ooh I am SO getting one!

There’s nothing cooler than these dino flash drives! Again with my etsy addiction, I came across these awesome toy dinosaur flash drives that for me is a must have. I can just imagine being in class and having to pull out my flash drive, and pulling out a t-rex toy! Check these out, and heres […]

Upper Playground x Sam Flores

Sam Flores is teaming up with Upper Playground for the release of a new blue color way for the Wyger figure. The figure has all the features and details of what we expect from Sam Flores as well it incorporates the signature walrus to represent Upper Playground’s 10 year anniversary. Standing 8″ tall the figure […]

Daft Punk Toys

Silly Thing in association with Medicom has created these Daft Punk duet toys. They are a Kubrick set and only a limited edition of 100 were made! Now, you just have to come up with the 1800 Euros these two guys cost! Available here.

More Than Meets the Eye (and Wallet)

For all of the loud, grandiose explosions, super-slick CGI and gratuitous shots of Megan Fox doing what Megan Fox does best, Michael Bay’s Transformers movies can’t capture the awe-inspiring, jaw dropping moments that The Transformers animated series conveyed when it hit airwaves in the 80s. Looking back now, the series can be deemed as hokey, […]

Robot Love

Robot Love is the cutest little boutique with the most amazingly, creative, fun, useless items around. It’s one of those stores you walk into and you fall in love with everything in sight, you just think to yourself… “would I really use this?” you consider for a moment and then you think to yourself “Who […]

Frank Kozik / Kidrobot 10-inch “1984” Labbit

Frank Kozik Kidrobot “1984” Labbit is available April 23. Prerelease signing will be held at the Los Angeles Kidrobot store on Melrose on April 2nd from 6-8pm.