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New Photo Meme?

We sure hope not… But just incase here‘s where you can get it.

Field Notes Face Lift

I love all the field notes journals I’ve been stumbling upon. There’s something that reminds me of Royal Tenenebaums meets boy scout meets the journaling project that I started my junior year of college (and still haven’t completed). Even cooler than just the Field Notebooks are the now dry press customizable ones! Still reasonable but […]

Shower Notes

If you’re anything like me, you’re on the go all the time. It seems every time you have a good idea you are in the worst place to be able to write it down, meeting with the bosses, or even worse, the shower. By the time you finish drying off and cleaning out your ears, […]

Moustache is Good

This creative and silly website is dedicated to all the famous mustaches in the world. Go to the site (it’s in French), take a picture of yourself, try on all the various mustaches and save them to show off to all your friends how silly you look with a Chaplin ‘stache. You can even upload […]

Vacuum Stop Motion

Now what benefits come out of watching this adorable stop motion featuring a Dyson vacuum is beyond me. But it was just weird enough that I think it’s worth sharing, besides it’s got a cute story line, we like those right? Created by Russian Sergey Yazvinsky. via.

Stop the Sag

Soooo theres a new silly campaign going on in New York called “Stop the Sag”. I really just don’t know what to say about it, sort of lost for words. Watch the video!