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Call Me

With 411 and Google, what is the point of phone books? They’re tedious to use, they take up space, they’re heavy and a very un-green contribution to Mother Nature’s home. When you have no use for something any longer, create create create. Alex Queral takes an ordinary phone book and carves a face into this object […]

Ghost of a Dream

Lottery tickets start as a dream of what could be, but usually end up as a total waste of money. A duo of graduates from the Rhode Island School of Design, Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was, who call themselves, “Ghost of a Dream,” have literally shown just how much of a waste lottery tickets are. They’ve taken […]

Paper Products

This is a technology-driven world, moving further and further away from the printed word. Newspapers have multiple uses, other than for catching up on the news – teaching Fido to do his business in the appropriate spot, protecting glassware during a move to yet another apartment, and a DIY paper mache project. Queens-born urban artist Nick Georgiou has another use, a little more […]


Erika Iris Simmons, aka iri5, is a self-taught, imaginative painter and sculptor who is driven by an incredible passion for self-expression through art. Her works are often noted for their unique and innovative style that focuses on recycling found materials, such as old cassettes and used books, which have been discarded or donated to her, and creating […]