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Saying that French designer/artist ArnO is a good illustrator could be the understatement of the year. He is full of talent and his portfolio backs that statement up and then some. After receiving his diploma from ENSAD (Paris) and his master of Arts at CalArts (LA), he has been lucky enough to have worked with some of his childhood heroes. […]

Etched In Time

Here’s an instance where being all thumbs works. Artist George Vlosich III majorly ups the Etch-A-Sketch game, transforming the toy into a medium of pop art. If you’ve ever played with the “toy,” (I use that term loosely out of respect for V-Trey), then you know it’s a major feat to just continue a straight line and make it into a curve successfully. Since 1989 at the age […]

A New Form of Pop Art

This is awesome and incredibly realistic considering it’s created with paintball guns! Wonder if Warhol would have appreciated it… Check out the Bon Yurt website for more videos and such.

Bev Hogue

People often describe Bev Hogue’s art as very collectible. I can definitely see why. Bev’s creations are widely known because of their signature shades of ‘blue’ style. Her series of paintings called ‘Blue in the Face’ capture women in original scenes that are rich in diversity. Bev’s work is exhibited and collected around the world. The […]