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Never Say Never Been There

Is it me, or does it feel like Justin Bieber is everywhere these days?  I cannot see a movie, turn on the TV, radio, or internets without his bunny-mug popping up. He may well be everywhere, like some sort of uber-Paris Hilton back in her hey-day of being everywhere at once — credit it to […]

Graffiti Renaissance

Worth1000 held a pretty cool photoshop contest recently in which artists used classical renaissance art pieces and ‘improved’ them with graffiti. Here are few of the better entries. via

(un)Natural Habitat

Ever wondered what you favorite logos would look like yanked out of their traditional print homes and released into the wild? Thanks to the Russian photoshop masters from leprosorium.ru you no longer have to wonder. Leprosorium.ru is truly a gem of Russian Internet. It’s a place where talented people meet, famous and not yet famous. It’s […]