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Duck Sauce: Barbara Streisand

I have now watched this video probably 10 times since I saw A-Trak twittered about it this morning.  Seriously geeking out a littel too tough right now. Maybe it’s because I’ve been planning on heading to New York for CMJ, but this video has got me more hyped on New York than crack in late 80’s. Great cameos, impeccable […]

Pop-Up NYC

I don’t know about you, but as a kid, I dug pop-up books. It was the moment of surprise on each page, and the curiosity of “How’d they do that?” that got me. As an adult, a kid at heart, and a former New York resident, I can definitely appreciate Daisy Lew‘s Pop-Up NYC, a series […]

Paper Products

This is a technology-driven world, moving further and further away from the printed word. Newspapers have multiple uses, other than for catching up on the news – teaching Fido to do his business in the appropriate spot, protecting glassware during a move to yet another apartment, and a DIY paper mache project. Queens-born urban artist Nick Georgiou has another use, a little more […]

Eleven Heavy Things

There are lots of posers in New York City, and this summer, multi-talented artist Miranda July is encouraging you to pose too. The filmaker-slash-performer-slash-writer-slash-artist’s newest public art installation, Eleven Heavy Things, consists of eleven sculptures that encourage viewer interaction in the center lawn of NYC’s Union Square Park. The cast fiber-glass, steel-lined pieces consist of pedestals to stand […]

The Art Of The Party

Really, the art of the party is like any other art form: in order to remain consistently evolutionary, it must simultaneously satiate/subvert expectations in order to keep its following loyal/entertained. In New York, creativity is king as recessionistas reinvent the art party as a world where hip, cool, and whatever collide.  via “I got a blacklight […]