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Anywhere, USA

Most people tend to be proud of the city they live. Perhaps out here in L.A. we tend to be a little more vocal with it. Well all you Angelos can rejoice and hang your ‘hood on your wall with a well designed info graphic-like map. Nifty looking and informative these screen printed works actually […]

Portraits Of Los Angeles

Los Angeles photographer John Humble has been documenting the dynamic structure of the city and all of its rivers, highways, and suburbs for more than 30 years. The recipient of a 1979 National Endowment for the Arts award to photograph the city on the occasion of its bicentennial, Humble continued over the years to capture […]

Mr. Bill Murray: A Tribute to the Legend


  RIVERA & RIVERA is pleased to announce a new floor-to-ceiling installation piece by international graffiti artist RETNA. RETNA’s installation which spans a 25 foot high wall and carpets the floor entices and envelops viewers in a black and white web of text. The installation explores the complex nature of a fluid lexicon derived from […]

Love You Too

Leaps and bounds beyond a notebook doodle, artist Vanessa Prager uses the simple color scheme and method of blue and red ballpoint pen to create a new selection of works, titled Love You Too. The LA-based artist sketches on blank vintage sheet music, illustrating her love and talent for both music and Bic Cristal ballpoint pens. You know how it […]

Bruce Kalberg

Freshjive presents the Bruce Kalberg / Bruce Caen photography exhibit at Reserve. Thursday June 3rd, 7:00-11:00 PM Reserve Store 420 N. Fairfax Los Angeles, CA 90036 Bruce Kalberg From 1979-1984 Bruce Kalberg photographed virtually every band and personality against the backdrop of the first rush of Punk Rock in Los Angeles and Hollywood. As publisher […]


Remember when you were a little kid and there were those monster mash-up books where the monsters bodies were separated into head/shoulder, torso, and leg sections that you could mix and match to create crazy new combinations?  This technique of random combination to create new form has been around since the early part of the […]

Empty L.A.

Like the East Coast, the West Coast rarely sleeps either. Los Angeles-based artist and photographer, Matt Logue, created EMPTY LA, a collection of photographs of LA as if void of people. The inspiration for this series came to Logue while (surprise, surprise) sitting in traffic. The thoughts that kept coming back was, “How did we get here? Why […]

Becca Mann

Becca Mann is a Los Angeles artist that I fell in love with a couple years ago when I saw her work featured at the Roberts & Tilton gallery. To me her work is almost eerie with a haunting mood within most of her work. You can check out some of her awesomeness on the […]

City of Angels and Streets of Saints

I am constantly enthralled with amazing art books. This one is of the very amazing kind. If a book is good, I pretty much become useless as I scroll the pages in complete awww for hours. All the Saints of the City of the Angels: Seeking the Soul of L.A. On Its Streets by artist […]