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The Kraken

Situation: You’re the captain on a boat trying to maneuver around in the sea. Can you do it? Can you get your crew safely to harbor? If your answer was no, then I’ve got a little insider tip for you, The Kraken: The Simulation Application for Nautical Maneuvering. Downloadable for the iPhone, you will surely […]

Lego Your Bird, Angry

Now I know I’m way behind the times, or maybe I’m just trying to not fall into the endless addictive abyss that is Angry Birds, but I just can’t download it. That being said, I have played it, and I’ll give it credit, it’s a fun game. Designer Tsang Yiu Keung obviously thinks far more […]


The iPhone and Summer pretty much go hand-in-hand – to call your girls to go to the pool or your boys to meet for a movie. And JD Hancock has brought the two together in a series of photos that creates the ultimate summer scenes with miniature figures, using the ultimate gadget, the iPhone. Hancock transforms […]

IPhone Cover Superstar

This is pretty amazing, known as AppleGirl, this up-and-coming Korean internet sensation performs Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” using iPhone apps in lieu of instruments. and she also does Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. Rad.

Cell Phone Evolution

Pretty neat video (just watch it on mute) shows the evolution of the cellphone and how we have gone from the Zach Morris phone to the super slim Iphone that doesn’t even really look like a phone. Check it out!

One Step Closer

This week at the CEATEC conference in Tokyo Yamaha unveiled the updated version of its HRP-4C robot. And in addition to a new, more anime-friendly look the robot now sings requests sent to it via iPhone. Robots will rule the world one day. Mark my words. via

Autotune? There’s an App for that.

It was only a matter of time.

There’s Still An App For That

Solving life’s dilemmas, one restraining order app at a time. via

Mini Releases Roadside Assistance App

Move over OnStar. Adios roadside assistance button. And watch out cell phone. Mini  has collaborated with insurance company Allstate to create an Apple iPhone app that allows its users to automatically call assistance in case of an emergency. When you install the application, you put in your vehicle ID number and have the option to […]

iRoad Rage

And yes, there’s an app for that too. *Language definitely NSFW. Source