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The concept, sort of cool. The name of the app, a bit suspect. Source

Want to control your Digital DJ software from your phone? There is an app for that.

Tonetable is an application for DJs who want to control their digital vinyl system from their iPhone or iPod Touch. It produces a control tone that is compatible with most digital vinyl systems such as Serato’s Scratch LiveTM, Native Instruments’ Traktor ScratchTM, M-Audio’s TorqTM, Image-Line’s DeckadanceTM and many more. Tonetable features a large scratching platter […]


Check out the ultra cool B-BOT app for iPhone/iPod Touch developed by Tristan Eaton. The app let’s you create your own customizable avatars with 400 different items to choose from. You can then assign each avatar to any one of your friends and contacts – check out the video clip below and then hit the […]