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Urban Traps

I’ve been seeing images of these traps for about a week now online. Geared toward the most typical of “hipsters” these street art traps are simply made of laminate paper painted and distressed to look like an old bear trap with all the essentials to start yourself to hipsterdom (a pack of American Spirit cigarettes, […]

You Will Regret This

Now I’m pretty sure we’ve blogged about Regretsy before. If you haven’t been there before, you should check it out. It’s good for tons of giggles. Today while seeing what goods had made it to their site I came across this spectacular specimen of a “DIY guitar” and I almost had a heart attack. Now […]


Single serving of Duckface. You know that face you make when you’re about to take that perfect shot of yourself for myspace? You know, the one where you push your mouth out in that weird combination of a pout and a kissy face make it look like you’ve got big pouty lips and model-quality cheekbones? It’s called “duckface” And […]

Jones’ Cheap Ass…

Jones‘ at it again. via

Poker Face

Christopher Walken gives us his rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”. OH! via

This Horse Is Amazing!

If you do one thing today (besides brush your teeth), click HERE to watch this Amazing animated video. Shut up woman, get on my horse. via


The WTF Collective. Nuff said. via

iRoad Rage

And yes, there’s an app for that too. *Language definitely NSFW. Source

Hair Don’t

Hump day time waster: Don’t Judge My Hair. A few choice selections from the site.

Booty – Booty – Booty

Booty shorts… for men?! Sometimes a man wants you to know that they’re “sassy” or “retired” without having to say it. via