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Risky Business

Helpful guide to help reduce the spread of Swine Flu. Missionary-style sex is out of the question, but goofing off with friends is still relatively safe. And yes, we are still talking about H1N1. via

Monkey Business

H1N1 may have come and gone, but face masks are forever. Take Japan for instance, it’s part of everyday life to see people in the streets wearing face masks in order to protect themselves from germs or cold. Apparently the demand is so high that designers could no longer ignore this phenomenon. Enter Mint-Design. Seems […]

Little Boots Wants to show you a Good Time

What is it lately with petite blond pop-tarts from the other side of the Pond?  Robyn, Lykke Le, and *shudder…Duffy (I’m sorry, the last thing we need is another Amy Winehouse knock-off).  I caught the trans-Atlantic cutie Little Boots (aka Victoria Hesketh) at Perez’s SXSW party along with hip-hop hegemony Kanye and she really PWNED […]