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What’s Your Search?

I think it’s a fair assumption to say that we all rely on Google as our go to man when we need answers (even if it only links us up with Wikipedia). The ElasticCo Store has come up with some pretty clever pillows of the most popular searches for the year, a great way to […]

Blossom Buddies

Elsa Mora is a Cuban artist that grew up poor, but only in the material sense of the word. She was and is emotionally rich because she was surrounded by the most fascinating and supporting people in her life, including her autistic son Diego who is a driving force in her life and work daily. Her outlook […]


These days, everything has a deeper meaning. But sometimes, being literal works too. Jewelry design duo Tal Margalit and Ellia Nattel met while studying product design, and after noticing they loved the same things and design aspects, decided to join forces and become TICKETTE, based out of Tel Aviv. This design duo aims to offer products from […]


Etsy user LowLevel‘s work is simple: “All stencils are handmade. I use spray paint.” But the series of posters he creates are anything but simple, not because the technique is complex, but the subjects he paints are. Each poster features a historical icon – from the Dic of all dictators Fidel Castro, literary iconoclast Jack Kerouac, blue-eyed crooner Frank Sinatra and many more. […]

Star Wars Crochet

Are you into crocheting? Maybe your grandma? Well either way, you are so going to want to check out these awesome Star Wars crochet patterns, they are so awesome! This etsy store, Lucy Ravenscar, has made a bunch of different Star Wars character crochet guys/things/whatever you call it. She has everyone from C-3PO, R2-D2, Han […]


Need the weather? There’s an app for that. Movie times? There’s an app for that. Chocolate craving? There’s an app for that too – an edible one. iChocolates are the only gourmet chocolates in the world designed to resemble the iPhone and its detailed app icons, boxed in a unique iPhone-inspired package. The chocolates are […]

Need vs. Want

Etsy user and Austinite Erin Hanson, aka Recovering Lazyholic, believes we are all prey to bouts of laziness. She is a “lazy gal that’s trying not to be, so she makes things,” from photographs, prints, cards, other papergoods and novelty items. One of her print series titled “Need To Want Less” consists of 10×10 digital prints concisely illustrating […]


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Etsy, a site where “creative” people (and I use that term loosely), sell their crap handmade arts and crafts for a buck or two. Now meet Regretsy. A site where Etsy rejects come to die, or, get more visibility and possibly more purchases from shoppers. Gawker describes Regretsy best by saying: Imagine shopping at Michael’s on crack. Regretsy, which finds the […]

Ooh I am SO getting one!

There’s nothing cooler than these dino flash drives! Again with my etsy addiction, I came across these awesome toy dinosaur flash drives that for me is a must have. I can just imagine being in class and having to pull out my flash drive, and pulling out a t-rex toy! Check these out, and heres […]

Love, California

While wandering the vast abyss that is the internet, I stumbled upon this awesome pillows created by Love, California on Etsy! Now at first I thought she had more states for instant sale, but her list only includes: New York, California (obviously), Texas, Vermont, Hawaii, Oregon, and Illinois. She does do custom states as requested, […]