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Useless Designer Product of the Day

Have you ever run out of gas? Well I have, several times more than a few, and I’ve always wanted to just carry around one of those cool little containers that AAA always has, now I know it’s completely illegal, but if it wasn’t I’d totally want mine to look like this: Designed by Death […]

Coco Moto

While Karl Lagerfeld was shooting the press kit for Chanel’s pre-spring collection “Starting Point” at the Chanel boutique on Rue Royale in Paris last Friday, it wasn’t the clothes or the models that people were ogling. It was an eye-popping prop that caught peoples attention: A customized Chanel motorcycle. Wow. *Not available for purchase. Source


All set for his first solo exhibition at Hong Kong’s Art Statements Gallery, Parisian graffiti artist ZEVS might not actually be attending his own show. Apparently ZEVS decided the show needed a bit more publicity. Armed with a ladder, black paint, barricade tape, and wearing an ‘official’ cleaning crew outfit, ZEVS went on a little early morning mission to adorn […]

Cupcake Couture

I know today is National Doughnut Day and all – but quite honestly, every day is National Doughnut Day for me. So no disrespect to the doughnut (you know I still love you), but today I decided to pay homage to the cupcake instead. These couture cupcakes were prop-styled by Lisa Edsalv and shot by Swede photographer Therese […]

Karl Who?

I have said it before and I will say it again… Humility goes a long way. *Well played Karl. If Chanel isn’t already in talks to produce this bag, they should be. *I normally don’t condone the use of the murse, man-bag, man purse, etc. but Karl gets a pass on this one. Source (for […]