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Rye Rye

Blowing up a couple of years ago with ‘Shake It to the Ground’, Baltimore’s Rye Rye has been fully embraced by the avante hip hop of M.I.A., having been the first artist signed to Maya’s label N.E.E.T. The new vid for Rye’s single “Sunshine” is pretty eponymous, featuring the pint sized b-girl owning the golden […]

Fork It Over

Food-based micro-granting for artists is an¬†ingenius way to self-fundraise to support your creative habits– and those of others. Everybody needs to be fed. Dish it up, fork it over. From coast to coast, and overseas, an international network of food-based micro-granting initiatives inspired by Chicago-based¬†InCUBATE [Institute for Community Understanding Between Art and The Everyday] “Sunday […]