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Double Rainbow Autotune Remix!

So a couple weeks ago I posted the amazingly funny Double Rainbow youtube video. Remember? Well some uber talented folks decided to remix this video with that funny thing called auto tune! Too funny and catchy!! I warn you now, you will be singing this song ALL DAY LONG!

Best cry EVER plus auto-tune

Bored and looking for something to entertain you? Wellllll I think this video is just perfect! Check out this mans awesome cry, too funny…But it gets better! Someone took it upon themselves to made an auto-tuned remix! Toooo funny! Original: Now the Auto-Tuned remix:

For Martin Luther King Day

Video made by the Gregory Brothers to honor the civil rights leader…

Blinded With Science

I mean if you’re gonna auto-tune it, you may as well be learning something. The Symphony of Science is a musical project headed by John Boswell designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form. Here you can watch music videos, download songs, read lyrics and find links relating to the messages conveyed by […]

Voice Skin

Tom Tom GPS Voice Skins with Uncle Snoop? Absolutely. GPS from the Dogfather will run you $12.95. Not feeling the Snoop Voice Skin? Never fear, Homer can also guide you along your merry way for the same price listed above. No news yet on when we can expect the Fatman Scoop or T-Pain Auto-Tune version. […]


He’s at it again… NBC’s Community gets remixed by DJ Steve Porter. via

Mr. Hip Hop

I can’t decide if this is to be taken seriously or not. And by that, I mean is this dude for real?!??! Before you check out this phenomanal video from Tom OC, read his introduction: **THIS IS AN UNMASTERED ROUGH VERSION AND VIDEO As A SAMPLER FOR THE DEBUT ALBUM WHICH IS DROPPIN IN LATE FALL […]


I realize that Hov recently declared D.O.A. But Peter Coffin has brought Auto-tune back to life. Eldertune is a granny-gangster friendly rap, in which our subjects spit boring timeless lyrical advice and drop a few gems of wisdom along the way. A little production magic later, and anecdotes about kindness and relationships suddenly give life back to the once believed deceased […]