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Spotted in China

Or tiger-striped, or panda-colored as the case may be… Check out the latest trend for pets in China. Apparently, multi-colored dye jobs are not all that uncommon to book with a shampoo and a trim. ¬†Undeniably, the exotic animal coloring on the retriever and fluffy dogs pictured below is exquisitely authentic. ¬†But there seems to […]

Amberlee Rosolowich

Amberlee Rosolowich, a recent graduate from San Francisco’s Academy Of Art University, is having her first solo show at the Hespe Gallery until the 30th of this month. Her work is darling, bringing together childhood themes with mature painting techniques.

Pressure Cook This!

These illustrations were scanned from the small book “Cucinare Bene…In Meta Tempo”, the book itself explains how to use the pressure cooker although based of these drawings I would guess the book is about how to be a vegetarian so that animals don’t come back and kill you!

One More for Christmas!

On the tree at the American Museum of Natural History 26 different animals made of paper hang as ornaments. Here are some of my favorites: Apatosaurus Blue Whale Elephant Jellyfish Zebra See them all here!