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Inspired by Wonderland

“Inspired by the magical world of ‘Wonderland’ depicted in the Tim Burton helmed Disney blockbuster, Top American celebrity party rockers DJ SynCity & Superstar DJ ROS partnered together to create an unofficial ‘soundtrack’ for the highly anticipated film.  Programmed to sound like a house party down the rabbit hole, the slyly named compilation entitled “Alice […]

Curiouser & Curiouser

Gallery Curiouser and Curiouser has a super neat show going on all art work inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I suppose we’ll be seeing a lot of that for the next month or so with the movie coming out this weekend. Here are some of the pieces I liked the most. ADVICE FROM CATERPILLAR by […]

Designer Take

Printemps in Paris invited nine artists to reinterpret outfits from Alice and Wonderland. They could be seen on Boulevard Haussmann. Here’s what I felt to be the filet of the boulevard. Ann Demeulemeester Charles Anastase Alexander McQueen Charles Anastase via.

Alice and Wonderland gets a facelift

I cannot be any more excited about this! One of my favorite artists, Camille Rose Garcia, has done all the new illustrations for the the new release of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Check the pictures… As well there will be an opening on March 6th at the Merry Karnowski Gallery in Los Angeles where Camille […]

Ask Alice

Premiering Sunday December 6th, The SyFy Channel is airing a two-part re-imagined version of Alice in Wonderland called Alice. Here’s a sneak peek… via