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The Sounds – “Beatbox” Music Video

This is probably my favorite song off of Crossing the Rubicon, the latest album from the Swedish ambassadors of fierce. Not gonna’ lie though, the first minute had me prepping myself for potential epic fail with vampire and/or werewolf involvement. Luckily, no angst-ridden mythical creatures (I think), but guitarist Felix Rodriguez appears to go Super […]

I Want A Humanthesizer For Christmas This Year

Calvin Harris performs his song “Ready for the Weekend” on what’s easily the coolest instrument ever. Well…the coolest instrument that isn’t as complicated as a Reactable. And…I don’t know if it’s just the accent, but did science just get cool/charming…? According to the press release: “The instrument employs 15 bikini clad models and a new […]

New Paramore Video: “Ignorance”

I’ll be the first to admit I’m entirely enamored with this band and with front woman Hayley Williams, in a very non-lecherous way. “Ignorance” isn’t my favorite single the band has ever released, but it’s slowly growing on me, as is this video. Watch the vid on because of EPIC EMBED FAIL. I’m also […]

New Thrice Album Up For Stream

My favorite post-hardcore-turned-experimental-soulful-rockers and yours, the Thrice boys have put up a stream on their MySpace page for their new album, Beggars, set to be released on August 11. Well…this is of course assuming you haven’t already downloaded the leaked version that spilled about two weeks ago, but hearing the songs without the digital watermark […]

New Basement Jaxx Featuring Sam Sparro – “Feelings Gone”

As the creator behind yet another unofficial Metropark jam, Sam Sparro is all kinds of awesome, and this blogger in particular is highly stoked to hear something new from him, much as I love his self-titled album. Just a rip from U.K. radio for now, but I’m too amped to wait for something more pro-sounding. […]

New Video: P.O.S. – “Purexed”

We at Metropark love us some P.O.S. (well, at least all of us at my store and presumably tatelarock as well), here’s his new vid for “Purexed,” off the Never Better album. It’s not quite as in-your-face intense as some of his other vids, but it’s nice to see him show that the DIY ethic […]

Bat for Lashes – “Pearl’s Dream”

I love, love, love Bat for Lashes new album, Two Suns, and (only member) Natasha Khan may or may not have replaced Jenny Lewis as the queen of my cold and jaded indie hipster heart. Here’s her new video for the song “Pearl’s Dream.”  I admittedly don’t, uh, get the video (it’s like if Bjork […]

Pandemic Fashion

Just because the Swine Flu craze in the media has already begun to burn out doesn’t mean you should stop worrying about how to dress for the next contagion that decides to sweep the land. Ever the envelope-pushing innovators, the party rock duo of LMFAO argue that one should always dress to impress, even amid plague and […]