There is no doubt that there is dynamic paradigm shift happening in music. The massive resurgence of that “DIY” independence is paving way for amazing and transcending new music. The juggernaut that is the music industry is always slow to catch up.

Case in point, OFWGKTADGAFLLLSBB, shortened to OFWGKTA, or plainly Odd Future. Certainly not new to the scene, but everyone is catching up at this point. This loose knit group of skateboarding youngins have grown up fast. It’s a cruel cruel world. Centered around the Fairfax District which hosts the quasi Mecca of the streetwear fashion scene (see The Hundreds, Supreme, Diamond Supply, Reserve, Hall of Fame, Unknown Gallery, et al.), as well as the alma mater of most of the group, Fairfax High.

The groups is lead by Tyler the Creator. Now I could simply just link to his video for Yonkers complete with 5 MILLION plus views, but there is definitely an innate sense to Tyler’s creations. He’s thoughtful but brash, intelligent but crass, calculated yet unplanned. From the opening staccato stabs of the self-produced Yonkers, you notice there is knack for style and differentiation. Tyler’s line “I’m a fucking walking paradox. No I’m not. Threesomes with a fucking triceratops” is about as self aware as you get, but then contradicts himself immediately and of course goes off on some other ish, including eating a bug, throwing it up and climaxing by hanging himself… Odd.

Tyler’s “Bastard” album released for free last year (Download Bastard Here) is one of the most unadulterated and honest piece of work by a seemingly confused, overly honest child of a single parent.

One of the tighter attention grabbing performances I’ve seen recently – Tyler & Hodgy Beats Performing Sandwitches on Jimmy Fallon backed by the Roots complete with a Mos Def appearance:

Next up we have Earl Sweatshirt. This kid is nice with his… One problem. He is currently nowhere to be found. While the group that he helped form is melting faces and breaking boundaries, he is rumored to be away at boarding school. Chalk one up for good parenting, I guess. But can you blame them after the video for ‘Earl’? Another video full of blood, vomit, drugs, skateboarding, vomiting blood and basic body mutilation…

Check out Earl Sweatshirt as he wrecks shop over Rich Boy’s Drop from OFWGKTA mixtape

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Don’t Give A Fuck Litter Life Loiter Squad Bacon Boys

Download The OFWGKTA Mixtape Radical Here

OFWGKTA is here. Future.

Make sure to check back for Part II, where we swoon with Frank Ocean.



  1. thiago
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    Where can I get a shirt that has the whole odd future on it ?

  2. tatelarock
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