Introducing Love Nail Tree

We’re so excited to launch the amazing and thought provoking graphics tees of LOVE NAIL TREE.

LOVE NAIL TREE is a company motivated and fueled by a desire to provoke conversation about topics neglected and often ignored by our culture. We believe in the power of story and think there are many that need to be told. Whether it be the trafficking of helpless children, the devastation of addiction, or the high rate of divorce in America. Our hope is that the stories we tell would move people to action and inspire a deep change within them.

Our mediums are apparel, accessories, film and various forms of print and installations.

We’re running small time, but our dreams are big.
Be prepared for much more to come.

Select styles now available at Metropark

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  1. Paul
    Posted Apr 8, 2011 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    Best shirts ever!! My sister would love this stuff!

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