Deerhunter x Rodarte

One would imagine that after watching Dakota Fanning in the Denzel Washington joint “Man on Fire” that it was impossible for the world to spit out another child actress that preternaturally talented. You would have been wrong in that assumption. Along comes her sister Elle and like her big sister she’s makin’ all the right moves. First she appears in Sofia Coppola’s quiet gem “Somewhere” and now she’s teamed with avante fashion house Rodarte fresh off the hype for their luscious costuming for ARonofsky’s “Black Swan”. Director Todd Cole’s clip, “The Curve of the Forgotten”, is filled with the luscious golden light of SoCal’s Baldwin Hills and acts as a highly stylized promo for the dynamic fashion duo’s Spring 2011 collection. The verdict? The future is right now and it’s cute, blond, and loves vintage.” What does this have to do with Deerhunter, you ask? Georgia’s indie darlings provide the atmospheric soundtrack to ensure that the whole package is full of win.

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