Band Of Horses- Dilly

We’ve had a full house this week. No, Uncle Jesse wasn’t there with the twin, but my housemate and I did play host to a couple of international travelers. After we all wiped the collective weekend from our eyes we wandered up to our favorite local Vietnamese spot, Viet, to grab some grub and recover. While waiting for my pho I picked up the most recent issue of the LA Weekly to catch up on the goings on in our fair city of angels, and came across an article detailing a shooting that occurred outside the Echo a month or so back that involved a Hell’s Angel with an automatic weapon and several innocent bystanders. Apparently, Hells Angels and Mongol bikers have come to the east side of LA and have brought their particular brand of mayhem with them.

You might be wondering what (if anything) has to do with Band Of Horses.  Well, in the weird way that my brain works, I remembered that Band Of Horses had made a biker gang themed video for their song Gilly off of their most recent album, Infinite Arms.  Armed with only their finger pistols, BOH’s bikers terrorize bar patrons and local police as they ride across the barren wastelands of America.  Oh, and they do coordinated dance steps.  I don’t think the guy who shot up The Echo had any dance moves to speak of.

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