Daily Archives: Jan 10, 2011

We Have Band- Divisive

I thought this a clever little piece of music video direction I came across recently.  We Have Band is a dance-rock outfit a la Datarock hailing from London who released their debut full length, WHB, early in 2010.  Combining stop motion animation and slick editing, Divisive features the band in gray and yellow alternating outfits […]

What’s Your Search?

I think it’s a fair assumption to say that we all rely on Google as our go to man when we need answers (even if it only links us up with Wikipedia). The ElasticCo Store has come up with some pretty clever pillows of the most popular searches for the year, a great way to […]

Here Kitty

Catwoman is making a comeback in the jewelry world. DC Comics have teamed up with jewelry designer nOir to create these wild “claw” rings. “It sits on the edge of your finger, and is solid brass plated in either Rhodium or Gunmetal and has Cubic Zirconia stones in a pave setting.” Meow! Available here.

Band Of Horses- Dilly

We’ve had a full house this week. No, Uncle Jesse wasn’t there with the twin, but my housemate and I did play host to a couple of international travelers. After we all wiped the collective weekend from our eyes we wandered up to our favorite local Vietnamese spot, Viet, to grab some grub and recover. […]