Mark Ronson & Business Intl- The Bike Song

It’s no secret that bicycle culture has made a resurgence in the second half of this past decade, so it’s somewhat surprising that there haven’t been more odes penned to these two-wheeled conveyances.  Following in the tradition of Queen’s Bicycle Race, Mark Ronson & Business Intl have created a bouncy piece of retro pop dedicated to the joy of riding bikes.  The video for The Bike Song is a post-modern mash-up of cultural references from the past 50 years.  It starts off as ’60s japanese spy thriller, jumps forward 20 years to 1980s America with a nod to Knight Rider and ends up back in the 1960s only this time in Paris.  Everything in the video from the film stock to the art direction is drenched in French pop cinema with the exception of Ronson himself.  The conductor stands out like a sore thumb has traded his suit and dark hair for a bleach blonde pompadour and a bmx bike with the power to control its brother bikes.  Also making a pompadour appearance is Spank Rock, adding a hip hop twist to this already mixed bag of cultural reference.

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