Diplo does tumblr

Diplo (short for Diplodocus, an overly pudgy large dino) is all over the place lately. The uber music producer/mogul in training first made a name for himself in the early 2000’s with such projects as Hollertronix, his Florida LP and eventually shacking up with M.I.A. and producing The Clash laden Paper Planes for the Sri Lankin rapper, Diplo is no stranger to expressing whatever is on his mind in the risk of offending the masses. Follow him on twitter for his tweets that are usually sent from far off places wherever he is touring.

Today Diplo rates the top 50 hottest girls on tumblr.

Yes, I know, crass. BUT, if you can get by the intense amount of spelling errors, and the general male over simplicity, it actually does highlight to a great amount of the fashionistas of tumblrland.

Head over to Maddecent.com to check out the entire list.

Lastly, check out Diplo’s recent Blackberry commercial:

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