Crystal Castles- BAPTISM (Dir. Rob Hawkins)

Distortion, distortion, distortion.  Throw a little fuzz on a singer’s vocals and you could make Joni Mitchell sound aggressive.  Except this time the singer isn’t some shrinking violet.  Instead, it’s Alice Glass and she already whips about the stage like a miniature tornado.  The front half of Canadian art-electro duo, Crystal Castles, Glass is a once both mesmerizing and menacing.  This dichotomy is played up perfectly in their newest video.  The video (directed by Rob Hawkins) is a reflection of music itself; Deceptively lo-fi while being technically savvy and completely hypnotizing.  On a completely unrelated sidenote: I wonder who would win in a fight between Alice and Kap Bambino‘s Caroline Martial.  the mind wanders…

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