Kwon Kisoo

Korean pop artist Kwon Kisoo is widely known in Asia for his Dongguri charactera smiling, genderless alter-ego that romps around candy-colored landscapes. Dongurri is often accompanied by a smiling, four-legged animal that, depending what kind of person you are, can be seen as a dog or cat. The paintings are influenced by traditional Korean landscapes. Plum blossoms, bamboo, rainbows, and rivers surround the little creature creating joyful, geometric realms, while subtly commenting on globalism and consumer culture. Kisoo creates paintings, animations, stationery and posters to sportswear and shopping bags. His Dongguri works are even available as artist theme banners to personalize  your iGoogle page.

After showing in only Asian museums over the past ten years, Kisoo is having his first American solo show at Flowers Gallery in New York until October 2.

Check it out. You’ll be sure to leave with an upbeat feeling and a smile on your face. But watch out. New Yorkers don’t like happy.


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