Daily Archives: Sep 28, 2010

Fold and Play

From the green people at OrigAudio, comes an innovative project combining tunes and technology with environmentally friendly material. Fold & Play Recycled Speakers are portable, self-powered speakers made entirely of the recycled cardboard from old newspapers, phone books, and pizza boxes – both the packaging and the outside of the speaker itself. As the name suggests, the speakers […]

Kap Bambino- Batcaves

It’s a good thing for batcaves… if you want some vampires.  At least that’s what I think she’s saying.  I don’t really know. Don’t really care. I what does interest me is who is Kap Bambino is and where did they come from. The french duo Kap Bambino is composed of Caroline Martial on vocals and Orion […]


Saying that French designer/artist ArnO is a good illustrator could be the understatement of the year. He is full of talent and his portfolio backs that statement up and then some. After receiving his diploma from ENSAD (Paris) and his master of Arts at CalArts (LA), he has been lucky enough to have worked with some of his childhood heroes. […]

Kwon Kisoo

Korean pop artist Kwon Kisoo is widely known in Asia for his Dongguri character — a smiling, genderless alter-ego that romps around candy-colored landscapes. Dongurri is often accompanied by a smiling, four-legged animal that, depending what kind of person you are, can be seen as a dog or cat. The paintings are influenced by traditional Korean landscapes. Plum blossoms, […]

How to Dress Well

Here’s a pretty amazing clip from the always interesting and entertaining crew at Yours Truly. How To Dress Well, the brain child of Brooklyn’s Tom Krell, covers R Kelly‘s “I Wish”. It straddles the line between sincere and hilarious beautifully.

Surfer Blood- Floating Vibes

I really like the opening guitar licks of Surfer Blood‘s Floating Vibes. There is something familiar, yet un-contrived about the way the heavily strummed first chords set the tone of the song and then are soon accompanied by a lightly plucked melody.  I think the same thing can be for the lead singer’s voice.  There is something comforatbly […]

Duck Sauce: Barbara Streisand

I have now watched this video probably 10 times since I saw A-Trak twittered about it this morning.  Seriously geeking out a littel too tough right now. Maybe it’s because I’ve been planning on heading to New York for CMJ, but this video has got me more hyped on New York than crack in late 80’s. Great cameos, impeccable […]