Murakami Versailles

Japan and France – two of the powerhouses of art and all things beautiful. The two have joined forces creating an amazing art spectacle at Le Château de Versailles, the most sophisticated palace and symbol of classical art in France, if not the world. World-famous Japanese contemporary pop artist Takashi Murakami was invited by the palace to display his pieces in the most famous gilded halls in the world. The 22 works, including 11 exclusively for the exhibition, make an intriguing mark on the baroque château, giving a fresh perspective to the château. Murakami’s exhibition is a refreshing displacement of colorful pieces – whimsical creatures inhabit the ornately decorated rooms, like the Hall of Mirrors, and gold Buddha-like sculptures are placed in the center of stately rooms comprising King Louis XIV’s Grand Apartment and the gardens outside.

Murakami’s exhibition has created a buzz of controversy with people claiming it distracts from the Versailles experience. But Jean Jacques Aillagon, president of the museum and the area of Versailles, confirmed his intention to invite another contemporary artist next year, bringing in more excitement and visitors from all over the world to experience the beauty.

Murakami Versailles is currently running until December 2010 and is included in the standard museum entrance fee.


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