Daily Archives: Sep 25, 2010

From Here to There

Before the days of GPS, we followed good ol’ paper maps for direction. Whether certified Atlas-style or hand-drawn doodle maps, we got a good enough idea and got from here to there successfully. Fascinated by these accidental records of a moment in time, graphic designer Kris Harzinski collected a wide variety of maps, ranging from simple […]

Boombox 2010

Mp3 players and iPods are good and all, but sometimes you want to share your music beyond your earbuds. Yeah, there are iPod docks out there that will do the trick, but what about something more “Say Anything“-style? Combining the nostalgia of the 80’s with the technology of the millenium, this retro Boombox fits any iPod […]

Murakami Versailles

Japan and France – two of the powerhouses of art and all things beautiful. The two have joined forces creating an amazing art spectacle at Le Château de Versailles, the most sophisticated palace and symbol of classical art in France, if not the world. World-famous Japanese contemporary pop artist Takashi Murakami was invited by the palace to display […]