Abe Vigoda- Crush (Streaming)

I caught this Los Angeles four-some at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa when they opened up for Cold Cave recently.  I had heard the name a few times, but never really gave them the benefit of the doubt assuming they were all clever band name and no real chops.  Well, you know what happens when you assume… you make an… well… you know.  Anyway,  Abe Vigoda is, much like their namesake, alive and kicking.  They put on a great live show, and while their lead singer’s voice  tends to skew towards the moany-emo (painful) side of things they make catchy, up beat synth rock tracks that are sure to have you tapping your toe if not bouncing around in your seat.  My favorite moment of their set is when the rhythm guitarist/keyboard player dedicated their next song to “all the straight guys who loved madonna as children.”  Here’s their newest release, Crush.

Abe Vigoda – Crush by Bella Union

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