Etched In Time

Here’s an instance where being all thumbs works. Artist George Vlosich III majorly ups the Etch-A-Sketch game, transforming the toy into a medium of pop art. If you’ve ever played with the “toy,” (I use that term loosely out of respect for V-Trey), then you know it’s a major feat to just continue a straight line and make it into a curve successfully. Since 1989 at the age of 10, Vlosich has been perfecting his talent creating different scenes on the EAS. His pieces now are each original, unique, one-of-a-kind works that take 70-80 hours to create and cannot be duplicated. He has Etched many of the world’s greatest athletes and celebrities and his work has been described as “the one continuous line that continues to amaze the world.”

Vlosich isn’t playing around when it comes to selling his pieces. His original commissioned artwork start at $3,000. Oh, and Oprah supports him. That explains it.


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