Daily Archives: Sep 10, 2010

Etched In Time

Here’s an instance where being all thumbs works. Artist George Vlosich III majorly ups the Etch-A-Sketch game, transforming the toy into a medium of pop art. If you’ve ever played with the “toy,” (I use that term loosely out of respect for V-Trey), then you know it’s a major feat to just continue a straight line and make it into a curve successfully. Since 1989 at the age […]

Brian Viveros

Celebrated surrealist fetish/mutilation artist Brian Viveros paints and draws beautiful, badass chicks. Simple as that. Blood and cigarettes offset by a bold red rose and a full face of makeup, the girls Viveros paints are seductive, erotic and gritty. They’re dangerous, mysterious and powerful and their gaze through their swollen, black eyes are darkly engaging and kind of make you […]

It’s A Book

The book in this digital age is basically obsolete. Kids these days* practically come out of the womb with an i-Something in their tiny little hands. To help parents teach their kids about books in an electronic world, Lane Smith has written and illustrated a children’s picture book called “It’s A Book,” about a book-loving monkey, a tech-savvy jackass and […]