Real Fake

In China, it is difficult to determine what is real while so many fake brands have assimilated into its culture. Chinese artist Liao Yibai’s exhibition Real Fake exposes this cultural phenomenon and questions the skewed concept of value on a variety of levels. The large-scale stainless steel sculptures of watches, rings, handbags and high heel shoes confront popular brands and logos and their overwhelming presence in today’s society. Yibai examines this increasing obsession with opulence and luxury goods while glorifying and laughing at it simultaneously. In his sculptures, he changes the image and names of some of the biggest luxury brands to make them faux and in your face – like a “Sprada” bag or a “Rolls Phillipe” watch.  

Real Fake will be on display at the Mike Weiss Gallery in NYC opening tomorrow, September 10th running through October 30th.

Dope pieces. Faux real.


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