Paint Straight

They’re not hoodlums. (Ok, some of them are.) They’re not vandalizing. (Ok, technically, they are.) But young taggers really just need an outlet for their creativity. That’s where Paint Straight comes in – a weekly art program started by the City Department of Probation in Brooklyn, NY in collaboration with Xmental University, an organization for artists and idealists of all ages to be inspired, educated and empowered. Run by two graffiti artists, Rafael “Tatu” Perez and Tynneal “Tyrox” Grant, the Paint Straight program is intended to demonstrate that young people are not criminals for wanting to show off their artistic talents to the world. They may show it on bus stations or sides of trains and buildings, but that’s just because there isn’t a canvas big enough at Hobby Lobby that’ll suffice, right, kids?  

The program features an exhibit of work from juvenile vandal offenders currently enrolled in the “rehabilitation curriculum” and will be on display through September 15th inside the City Probation Department’s office in Family Court on 330 Jay Street. But no formal invitations are going out for the exhibit. To protect probationers’ privacy, however, the department is not encouraging the general public to attend. 

So if anyone asks, you didn’t hear it here.  


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  1. Ty
    Posted Jan 24, 2011 at 11:54 am | Permalink

    We are having another show Jan. 25th, 2011 Same place @ 330 Jay st. Time:330pm-6pm This time IT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC-

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