Daily Archives: Sep 8, 2010

Paper Cuts

While you’re sitting “there” doing your “business,” put down the magazine and do something more creative. Instead of cursing the gods that you’re out of toilet paper, look at that empty roll as a medium to create art. In my head, that’s what French artist Anastassia Elias did. Paper Cuts is her collection where she uses […]

Paint Straight

They’re not hoodlums. (Ok, some of them are.) They’re not vandalizing. (Ok, technically, they are.) But young taggers really just need an outlet for their creativity. That’s where Paint Straight comes in – a weekly art program started by the City Department of Probation in Brooklyn, NY in collaboration with Xmental University, an organization for artists and […]

Kings of Leon

Perennial rock powerhouse Kings of Leon has a new album coming out in October and the inevitable pre-release hype machine is kicking into gear with a new video. The song, “Radioactive” receives the southern-fried treatment, featuring the band in a barn backed by a choir of schoolchildren, having a bbq and generally being “men of […]