Radiohead Embrace Fan Film

Radiohead are no strangers to the idea that music is something the modern fan sees as less of a commodity and more of a basic human right guaranteed by the United States of Bit Torrent. Back when In Rainbows was released, the band decided to buck the label system (middle finger to The Man!) and give their seventh studio album away on a pay-what-you-wish basis through their website. That esprit de corps is still in fine form with Thom Yorke and the boys from across the Pond, as they’ve decided to provide the full audio masters from a 2009 concert for a fan-made concert DVD. The group of about 50 loosely organized videogrpahers used Flip HD cameras to record the show from a variety of vantage points. According to the organizers, the footage was shot by a “group of Radiohead fans [who] descended on the Výstaviště Holešovice exhibition hall in Prague to capture the band perform, using as many different angles as possible …” The camera work is raw, frequently shaky but endearingly enthusiastic.

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