The goal of a puzzle is to fit each piece correctly together to form a picture. Brazilian artist Vik Muniz takes a bit of a different method with the same, if not more beautiful, result. Muniz uses unconventional mediums for his work, from garbage to puzzle pieces to create his pieces. In “Gordian Puzzles,” hundreds of single puzzle pieces from existing puzzles are laid out, layered in multiple directions, and rotated by degrees and color to fit other pieces to recreate the subject paintings that are themselves puzzling. The pieces are put together so immaculately, meticulously and seamlessly that from a distance, it’s hard to tell that each puzzle piece is actually there. Muniz does not simply use the puzzle pieces as his medium because it’s an interesting and fun way to create art, but the puzzle pieces also symbolize the complexity and depth of the subjects of each piece. Case in point: Blonde, complex, fragile like a puzzle, bombshell, Marilyn Monroe.


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