Hack Job

Hack Job is a project that the good people at Boooooooom, with the help of a “little” brand called Converse Skateboarding, have started to find the most creative innovators of skateboards, using any materials you can get your hands on. You don’t have to be an avid skater to participate, just someone who can construct a skateboard literally out of anything. The board does not have to be ride-able, but if it is? Even better.

Here’s what you gotta do:

1. Locate some building materials. Keep in mind your skateboard can be functional or totally non-functional. This means you could use wood, but you could also use pancakes, or human hair!

2. Build a skateboard out of your materials.

3. Snap a photo of your amazing creation. If it is ride-able, shoot a video of yourself riding it.

4. E-mail your photo and/or a YouTube link to: submit@booooooom.com with “Hack Job” in the subject line.

5. High-five yourself.

There will be an online gallery, and as a little bonus, Converse will give away shoes to the 5 most creative submissions. Deadline for submissions is September 10, 2010.

Go ‘head. Create and skate.


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