Ghost of a Dream

Lottery tickets start as a dream of what could be, but usually end up as a total waste of money. A duo of graduates from the Rhode Island School of Design, Adam Eckstrom and Lauren Was, who call themselves, “Ghost of a Dream,” have literally shown just how much of a waste lottery tickets are. They’ve taken discarded, non-winning lottery tickets and have turned them into life-sized pieces of recycled art. The items we dream of having if we won the lottery are made a “surreality” when the team makes them out of the actual lottery tickets. From a small remote-control boat to a huge mock Hummer, the team creates a variety of compelling objects. Their body of work includes “Dream Home,” which features a pretend home made of $70,000 worth of lottery tickets, “Dream Car,” made of $39,000 worth of discarded tickets, and “Dream Vacation,” built from $29,000 of the little paper slips.

Dream Home

Dream Car

Dream Vacation

Really puts it into perspective on where our money has gone. Oh well, one can still dream…


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