Only an artist sees a dust and dirt laden car as a blank canvas. What we average Joe’s think when we see our dirty car is another errand to run on the weekend, but what San Marcos, Texas-based artist Scott Wade sees is an opportunity to create. Wade turns the dirty back windshield of cars into temporary masterpieces, each one taking between two and four hours to complete. He uses typical artist tools, paintbrushes, but instead of acrylics, his medium is a combination of limestone, clay and gravel dust kicked up from the dirt road he lives on. Almost seems like a waste because this particular art doesn’t last forever. But as he sees it, “You get to turn something beautiful and then it goes away very quickly. There’s something very nice about that and kind of spiritual. We’re not here forever. We’re like flowers; we bloom, we die. So you’ve got to just enjoy life as it goes by.” Spoken by a true, right brain dominant, hippy dippy artist.

A little more creative than “Wash Me,” don’t ya think?


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