You Play Beautifully

Artist Raymond Uhlir’s work in oil enamel on canvas and gouache and ink on paper feels like it picks up where Yellow Submarine left off.  In his works, allegorical characters and ideologies clash sharply with cartoonish backgrounds. His visual narratives seem to touch on many of the cultural themes that help to define the vibe of the psychedelic era of folk and rock in a way that words alone often fail. Each piece is more than a conversation, it’s a discourse that seems to continue off ‘scene’ — and I think that’s what really great art strives to achieve.  The exhibition of work by Raymond Uhlir runs through this weekend at the d berman gallery in Austin, Texas.


Yeah, I’m Not Your ‘Real’ Father, but Don’t Fuck This UpYou’ve Seen the Future and it Lays Out There with Your Friends and Family. Get the Band Back Together. Whatever. It’s Been a Good Ride, Old Man

Shine On You Crazy Oracle (Because There’s No Way I Believe This is Happening)

You Play Beautifully. (But You Must Work Harder. No Cowards. Quit that Moody Brooding.)

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