The Return of Sufjan

When we last heard from Sufjan, the cipher of indie rock dropped a symphonic look at the BQE on us, a kind of love note indie symphony of precious melodies and delicately soaring brass that expounded on the virtues of a New York freeway. A man after Robert Moses’ heart if I ever saw one. Now it seems he’s taken that preciously anthemic sound and expounded on it for the nearly 12 minute, post-apocalyptic epic of ennui “All Delighted People”. The 8 track EP also includes a “classic rock version” of the title track which is a slightly more digestible 8 minutes and features a pared down arrangement with Sufjan pickin’ away on his trademark banjo. The disc also includes a 17 minute scorching, distortion laden blues guitar jam bearing his sister’s name, “Djohariah”.

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