More Gaga for Gaga

News broke that Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour [November 2009 – April 2011] is estimated to gross $200M worldwide according to Billboard, putting her in a league not of her own perse, but one shared only with the likes of the few including Madonna and u2. So I gotta ask, why are we so gaga for Gaga?  Here’s a look back at some of the gaga that’s gone down this summer.

Slideshow of Gaga’s craziest dressed fans at her Mad Square Garden concert

Then, there was the NY Times bogus trend alert: Slate Magazine refuted a trend reported by the New York Times that “little monsters” everywhere were flocking to stock up on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” inspired fashion lenses.

And then there was the Baby Gaga / Old Lady Gaga scandal/craze. Fans and critics alike questioned whether or not it was appropriate for a “baby” to portray Lady Gaga in this spoof of Telephone. After the video’s director and “Baby Gaga’s” mother were ambushed on national television during a morning show — criticized for their “poor judgement” — overnight viral sensation was yanked from internet sites–

— and the creators were quick to post a follow-up, Old Lady Gaga, performing a spoof on Alejandro.

What I find so utterly fascinating about all of this is how Lady Gaga has, in such an unbelievably short amount of time, lit up the music scene and already inspired spoofs and spoofs of spoofs– which usually doesn’t happen to an artist or work of art until after it’s run its course of relevance.  And yet, she’s on schedule to earn $200M — Madonna and U2 numbers — for her global tour?  I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Lady Gaga’s relevance yet.

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