Divas & Chicas

Without saying a word, young, Boricua street artist Sofia Maldonado portrays female empowerment through her paintbrush. The work speaks for itself and screams “fierce” with a bit of a swagger – feminine swagger. Maldonando’s current works “Concrete Jungle Divas” and “Bling Bling Chicas” celebrate hip-hop culture capturing female superstars in a strong, beautiful way by using good ol’ fashioned colorful acrylic paint and lively brushstrokes. Musical stars who inspired the pieces include this generation’s icons: Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, J-Lo and M.I.A. A gifted muralist who rallies community youth to contribute to the making of public projects and interior installations, Maldonado is as fearless, capable, and resourceful as the women she portrays.

Go ‘head, mami.


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