Daily Archives: Jul 29, 2010


  RIVERA & RIVERA is pleased to announce a new floor-to-ceiling installation piece by international graffiti artist RETNA. RETNA’s installation which spans a 25 foot high wall and carpets the floor entices and envelops viewers in a black and white web of text. The installation explores the complex nature of a fluid lexicon derived from […]

Album Art for Make Believe Artists

Are you one of those rare people who still have love for the ever diminishing form of art known as album artwork? This show at the Cinders Gallery in NY is kinda perfect for you then! 100 artists collaborated in this show and created album artwork for make believe albums…Pretty cool since album artwork is […]

Dancing Pidgeons “Ritalin”

Sometimes the best way for a band to make a splash is to make a really really rad video. This is one of those occasions. Dancing Pidgeons + Flame Thrower = Awesome. It’s a pretty simple equation.