Daily Archives: Jul 20, 2010

Alex Tipple’s Underwater Photography

                  These ain’t your daddy’s surf photos.  Alex Tipple started shooting surfing by attaching a camera to his helmet while he was on his board.  He soon began trying to create the perfect rig to capture split-second shots of surfing off the coast of Australia whilst be […]

Tom Sachs’ Cameras

For many years, a small but significant part of Tom Sachs’s production has dealt with cameras. Here are a few of the twelve works, from 1972 to the present, that not only explore the camera as both sculptural and functional object, but, perhaps more importantly, chart the course that photography and the globalization of precision manufacturing has taken […]

Flying Lotus- “Mmmhmm”

It isn’t a secret that Flying Lotus enjoys the realm of the psychedelic.  To this point, he recently wrote on his blog that is was the dabbling with certain mind-altering substances that revealed his most recent album, Cosmogramma, to him.  The title of the album comes from a conversation that he had with his  Aunt regarding the study of the universe (this ain’t astronomy folks).  With […]