Daily Archives: Jul 19, 2010

Make The Girl Dance- Kill Me

The premise is it not a unique one, “What would you do if you only had one week left to live?”  Well, the gents from Make The Girl Dance have taken this age-old quandary, slapped an extra day on to it, and given it a salary cap.  Watch as the duo burn through $30,000 in […]


Ohhh Klaxons, how we have missed thee. Your angular, post-punk post-rave gems have given way to a softer, gentler version of your old, crazy selves but you’re always welcome here. Maybe you’re softening your aural assault of kinetic sound with age? Or maybe your label has something to do with this? Everyone knows that a […]

Black Milk

Detroit is a city in ruinous decline but still a powerfully inspiring place for musicians. From the glory days of Motown to the bitter anger of Eminem the Motor City is no stranger to producing superstar musicians. Maybe that’s why the city’s latest prodigal son, Black Milk, has a new disc humbly titled Album of […]